Thursday, November 01, 2012

November 1st - non-Friday Favourites

It's November 1st! Did you have a good Halloween? We stayed in and handed out candy to the kiddies. I never get sick of seeing babies in costumes. Hilarious! Also, cute.

Today is also the first day of NaBloPoMo - A.K.A. National Blog Posting Month. I patricipated last year and it was a vey interesting experience, finding new content every day and taking the time to write everyday. You can find the archives here.

Unfortunately I won't be participating this year. I am travelling for work starting tomorrow through November 12th and it's unlikely that I'll have the time to devote to daily blogging. I am disappointed! Perhaps I'll try it at some point early next year. Maybe it'll be part of my monthly-challenges-for-a-whole-year Life List item?

A few other things to report:

1. I went wedding dress shopping! It was weird. It was fun to try on giant gowns but very different than my every day attire. The prices are also ludicrous. I may look into getting something used. I don't think I'll have a reaction when I decide it's 'the one' but I'd probably only have that reaction if you told me I could wear sweats down the aisle.

2. The work I'm heading out on will involve being outside and managing temporary staff. Please contain your jealousy. At least I'll have Rob for company the first weekend and co-worker PK will be with me throughout.

The result of a long day moving equipment. 

3. The deck! It's almost done! The weather sucks though so progress has slowed. At least the dog can walk on it now.

Deck boards! The most rewarding part! Unfortunately the last and easiest part.  

4. I need to go make cupcakes. It has been too long.

5. Links this week:

  • The Broad Group builds cookie-cutter skyscrapers that are crazy efficient, wicked safe, and surprisingly cheap. Future of tall buildings? See for yourself
  • I picked up a copy of the 'A Practical Wedding' book and was drawn to the list of questions to ask pre-marriage. Sparked some great discussions (infertility - AH!!!). They have a similar article posted online here
  • and on that note... an awesome list of relationship advice '16 Ways I Blew My Marriage' and part 2 'The Other 15 Ways I Blew My Marriage' (big YES to #10 and #26 - things we happily practise in our house). 
  • These cupcakes - via Two Pease & Their Pod - they have a peanut butter cup INSIDE. Must make ASAP. 
  • This article on 50 uses for leftover pumpkin puree. Seriously, the cans are twice as big as they need to be and I have leftovers 100% of the time. 
Sorry if it's quiet around here for a few weeks - will be back soon with livingroom update and how this whole wedding planning business is feeling.  

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  1. Tzevai and I worked our way through those A Practical Wedding questions before our wedding and I genuinely believe it was a fantastic thing to do. Not always easy, but it actually helped to cement in our heads that we're right for each other, our answers were pretty in tune :)

    I'm so excited for you - I really enjoyed planning our wedding (and this marriage thing we've got going now is also pretty sweet ;) )