Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Guide for your Girlfriend

It's the same thing every year. She tells you every year what she wants and you get it for her. Where's the magic, guys? So you don't want to surprise her with something big, why not get her that kindle she's been asking for and then throw in one of these gems for some added Christmas whimsy? Onward!

1. Give her a piece of jewellery that won't break the bank and supports a good cause, too! 'Wind Spark' necklace from 31 Bits is a necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet and the beads are made of... paper! Bonus if she's allergic to metal. Read all about the 31 Bits process here.

Shiny gold flecks! Oooohhhh shiny...

2. Two-tone Waffle cowl-neck scarf from The Gap. I stand by the mantra that 'a girl can never have too many scarves'. I am living proof.
Available in many colours!

3. Does she paint her nails? Chances are she wants some glitter on those puppies. Shephora by OPI Jewlery Top Coat Gift Set.

Be prepared to have your home smell of nail polish for the next two weeks.

4. Does she have hair on her head? Does she like to treat it well? Again, chances are YES. (Damn, your girlfriend is really starting to be a fancy ass lady!) Check out Morrocan Oil Treatment, good for restoring hair from years of heat and styling. Unfortunately you can't buy it online but you can look up where it's sold.

So luxurious and so worth it. 

5. If your GF is anything like me, having a solid phone case is important. I mean... I don't intentionally drop it or let it fall out of pocket... it just happens! I currently have an OtterBox on my iPhone but I just saw an ad for their new 'Reflex Series Cases' which allow for easy docking. The biggest pain of the OtterBox is having to take it off to use a docking station. Problem. Solved.

Available in 6 different colour combos

6. It's Christmas. It's cold. She's always cold. (Of course she is, haven't you learned yet that every girl is always cold? Fact of life, dude.) A cosy hoodie is necessary. Roots makes the best hoodies that are fleecy soft and delicious. And just maybe she'll stop stealing yours, but probably not. Beaver Canoe Vintage Kanga hoodie from Roots.

Currently on sale...

For more ideas, check out last year list here.

Good luck to you in your shopping adventures!

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