Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 23

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, semi-regularly... every-other... randomly... on Friday!  

1. Well, what I like most this week is... THIS. Maybe I should show you a picture, too? Ok. Now, figure out how I took this picture...

Hello beautiful...

2. These pants. I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole coloured pants trend but this raspberry/burgundy/red wine colour is just so GD festive. Also, these pants are crazy comfortable. Seriously crazy. I haven't yet ventured into pairing them with other colours, mostly neutrals, but I have a mustard sweater that might need a friend...

3. We were on vacation last week. We took a 'stay-cation', my first that was longer than one day. It was AWESOME! I recommend it. I got so much laundry done! And cooking! And cleaning! We went swimming at the rec centre which was pretty awesome. It was just great to be at home with no obligations. We had planned on using the week to build our deck but other things took priority and we didn't finish it. I'm not heartbroken, we had fun instead. The dog is dealing with the new obstacles.

Who decided to build a deck in October... I oughta punch her...

4. Wedding planning is weird. People like weird things. My mentality so far is not to stress over any of it. Really, none of it matters. What matters is that Rob and I want to be married and all we need to do that is an officiant, each other, and a witness. Everything else is just for fun.

5. While we were on vacation, Ontario decided to go all nutso with the colours. It was beautiful.

I think I took 30 pictures within 10 minutes

6. Oktoberfest came and went! Did you know that the city I live in, Kitchener-Waterloo, has the second largest Oktoberfest IN THE WORLD? The first being Munich. Fair. Yep, we rock the shit out of schnitzel eating and beer drinking. Also, polka dancing and keg tapping. I love it.

Polka dancers doing something that I don't think is polka dancing...

7. Sign of a good night

Have you played this game? You should. Purchase here

8. Links this week:

What are you doing this weekend? Watching baseball? Good. That's the only acceptable answer. 


  1. You should elope to New York. I can take photos, or, even better, marry you myself! (I just want people to let me marry them.)

    1. I'm not sure our marriage would be legal if it took place in another country but the idea of elopement is looking very tempting these days! I'm starting to see why it's becoming a more popular choice