Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stuff I Love: Fall Uniform Edition

The Internet has positively EXPLODED with FALL.

Everyone and their cat has posted that OMG STARBUCKS HAS PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES and OMG THE WEATHER IS FINALLY TOLERABLE. Seriously, it is and seriously I need to get to Starbucks.

In honour of the return to the best smelling season (don't you fight me on this, Spring!) I'm sharing some of my go-to fashions for this season.

1. Uh duh, scarves. I'm a bit scarf obsessed and they have become a bit of a security blanket for me and now the season is finally right! This one is super soft leaf pattern, how fitting.

2. More super soft cozy gear that I've missed - sweaters! In every colour and style. I'm a crew neck girl (I totally wrote 'screw neck' first hah), this one is available in a multitude of colours begging you to buy them all. (a few colours currently on sale!)

3. Cotton tank tops, largely white, sometimes black. I have a healthy stack of these and layer them under everything for extra warmth and then I don't have to wash my sweaters as often... please tell me you also use this excuse?

4. A bag large enough to hold #1 and #9 if necessary, preferably in soft buttery leather.

5. I seriously haven't worn pants in MONTHS. I bought these on Monday - currently on sale! They are cotton-spandex, very soft and have good stretch.

6. Not so fall related but I feel like I can call any accessories FALL fashion because this summer had some days that were so stinkin' hot that the idea of having to deal with anything besides the cotton tank and shorts that I lived it was considered torture. Bring on the accessories and geometric print anything.

7. Bring on the booties! Bring on the wool lumberjack socks tucked into booties! A good excuse to pick up some fun socks, too!

8. OH RIGHT how could I write a fall fashion post without some rain gear? It's tough to find cute rain gear but these Tretorn rain boots are about as close as I'll get. I have a pair of the 'Skerry Vinter' style (lined) and they work wonders for the salty wetness that awaits us in Octobernovemberdecemberetc. Note - they sell these in a taller, more traditional cut which I owned but gave away as the calf was too tight. Be warned if you have calves that could build a house... like me!

9. More rain gear in awesome colours. Invest in a good raincoat and it will last your lifetime. This one wraps up super small so you can keep it stashed in your purse for the ever changing weather in these parts.

10. Hello Essie fall line. I couldn't resist. I'm torn between these two colours.

That's what's coming off my shelf these days! Did I miss anything? What's happening in your wardrobe these days? Why do I feel like skirts and dresses are gone the way of the dodo bird once the days start to get shorter? Do you have tricks in your repertoire to keep wearing skirts all season? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME.

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