Monday, September 17, 2012

New 'What's for dinner?' links

 I added a new feature in the sidebar to the left. It's called 'What's for dinner?'. What am I going to use it for? Well, I'm going to tell you 'What's for Dinner?' this week in the Wau-Ley household!

I will miss the market bounty... cheddar baked chicken fingers & corn w/ quinoa salad, also beans. 

I'm a little bit obsessed with meal planning and I have thousands of recipes bookmarked and too many cookbooks to count. Sharing this obsession with you makes me feel like it's ok... right?? *shakes in corner while gripping pre-order form for Smitten Kitchen cookbook*

Turns out they only sell 6+ pound chicken roasters at the market. This fed us for a week. Whoops!

I plan on updating it either on Sunday or Monday for the week and post links whenever possible or at least a link that is similar to what I'm making.

One quarter of that chicken turned into this chicken pot pie. 

Cooking for a family every week, week after week, can get pretty boring and it's easy to lose inspiration. Hopefully the links I posts will be helpful to you and please (pretty please!) email me or leave a comment here with your favourite week-night go-to dinner recipes. I'm always looking for new meals to add to my repertoire.

The start of some pancetta, corn and edamame pasta toss

If you're looking for more recipe ideas I have a 'What's for Dinner?' board on Pinterest and I post links to recipes at the end of my 'Friday Favourites' posts. Together we can end dinner boredom!


  1. Um, nice one. I need a thousand new ideas for dinner, especially after cleaning out our fridge this weekend.

    1. I always need a thousand new ideas, I feel like I go through them 1000 at a time! Plz share if you find some good ones!

  2. Bonus points for recipes that leftovers freeze well for next week/month?

    1. Good idea - maybe I'll add some nomenclature with the links to denote what freezes well or what's made from leftovers (like this week's chicken pot pie)