Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Milestone Post #60

This is my 60th post of 2012, which puts this year in the lead for most posts! In 2011 I had 59 posts and more than half of those (30) can be attributed to NaBloPoMo so I'd say 2012 has been a banner year for the ol' Elbow.

I've felt really good about blogging this year. I find myself excited to write and to come up with new topics. I think I have learned the most over the past year, in all of my 8 (!!) years of blogging.

I find myself brainstorming new ideas all the time and I'm extra careful to take pictures of everything I do just in case I need it for a blog post. This summer especially, I found myself taking my posts more seriously and editing more carefully. It takes more time to produce a post but because I'm really enjoying it I haven't minded spending more time writing. I've learned how important it is to keep a regular schedule. I haven't felt the need to blog everyday - and frankly I don't have the material - but since taking on a twice-a-week mentality I've gotten into a good groove. It doesn't always happen but it's something to work towards.

In honour of my milestone, I thought it fitting to posts a few lessons I've learned through my 60 posts this year and my 300+ all time posts. I am by no means an expert but I've really felt like I've learned a lot this year and to me, that's worth sharing.

1. If you don't enjoy it, you won't put the time in. Blogging isn't for everyone, and that's ok! Neither is skydiving! If you try it and you don't enjoy it, don't feel the need to keep going as it won't be rewarding.

2. Blog about what you love. I know that sounds so cliche and appears in basically every blogging advice article. It's true. I thought I wanted to blog only about food and cooking but I found it too tedious and I don't have the photography skills that food blogging deserves. That being said, I still want to keep posting recipes, just not all the time.

3. Coming up with features and series has been the easiest way for me to keep a semi-regular posting schedule. When I started 'Friday Favourites' it was a way for me to share items that might not deserve a full post and also to keep me honest about posting. It's morphed into bi-monthly favourites but it's a good milestone for me to work from. Starting a series is helpful too - breaking up a larger story or project into several posts keeps each posts unique and manageable and gives you more material to work with.

4. If you have the time and the ideas - write many posts at once. Then save as drafts and post at your wish or schedule the post to publish when you're on vacation. Often writing one blog post will give me several other ideas so I'll draft a few posts and come back to them later in the week and then publish them so they are spaced out appropriately. Confession - I actually wrote this post before posts 58 and 59 were published!

It's been a fun year and I have enjoyed writing more in the past 6 months than ever before. I have appreciated every single one of your comments. I figured out how to add a 'reply' to comments option and I have been trying to do so over the past few weeks so be sure to check back in if you've left a comment. THANK YOU, seriously, THANK YOU for reading.

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  1. How did you know you'd get to 60 before publishing 58 and 59! You must be a psychic!