Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 21

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, semi-regularly... every-other... randomly... on Friday! 

1. Our mini-trip to Buffalo for Labour Day was great as usual, though a bit too hot for my liking. I love that a holiday in the US means big sales everywhere. It also means that all the stores are open! To my American friends - hardly anything is open in Canada on holidays. If you run out of butter you're paying $10 for it at the Quick-e-mart.

2. I'm heading to IKEA this weekend to pick up a few things for The Great Livingroom Make-over. I still have a goal to quit buying IKEA crap but I feel like when I'm going to paint and completely change something then it's ok... maybe? Also, I'm only buying things that are solid wood. Why do I feel like I'm trying to justify this?

3. I made new cupcakes last week! They are chocolate mint: chocolate cupcake with chocolate mint chocolate chips and green mint and chocolate icing swirled on top. They were tasty. I don't love the colour combo on top, I think it would look better if it were pink or purple but then that's not really mint-themed at all. These are the conundrums that clog my brain daily.

Pretty but not quite the right colours...

4. Last week I bought a wonderful game called 'Cards Against Humanity'. Have you played 'Apples-to-Apples'? It's very similar except seriously raunchy. Seriously. You can actually download it for free online and cut out your cards. I chose to order the box and save myself the hassle. It's a great change to the family-style board games.

5. If you're a dog owner you should be able to relate to this article. I am seriously too embarrassed to admit what I've said to my dog... I know you love your dog or cat, just like I love mine but sometimes telling them you'll leave them at the park and never come back if they don't smarten up just feels like the right decision.

6. Links this week:
So much love

I'm loving getting back into the calm routine that fall always brings... I'm diving head first into my livingroom project and hope to have some updates soon! Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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