Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running Playlist

Remember earlier this week when I told you how much I hate showering? Well, following that theme I also hate... RUNNING.

The anxious dog helps, too.

I would rather do jumping jacks, squats, shoulder presses, etc etc ETC (insert literally any aerobic skill and I'm in) instead of running any distance.

However, the appeal of running is pretty clear. It's easy to track progress, set goals, see improvements, and is very easily accessible. No one wants to stand in their backyard and do squats for 30 minutes.

Which bring me to the Running Playlist. What a friggen difference maker! I know what you're thinking 'blah blah blah this couch is so comfortable blah blah blah" and, you're right. That couch IS comfortable. MY couch is comfortable, too. BUT... but...running with a sweet playlist has taken me from wanting to run NO WHERE to wanting to run to EVERY WHERE.

Some of my favourites (links are for iTunes):
Some links to other playlists:
Are you a runner? What's on your playlist? Do you workout to music? What gets you moving??


  1. We R Who We R by Ke$ha makes me want to run, as does Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT. Punchy songs, both :)

  2. @sarahmia punchy songs are the BEST for running... provided you channel the punchy into the running and not into punching...