Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 20

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, semi-regularly... every-other... randomly... on Friday! 
 The days are getting shorter and the shadows are getting longer...

1. This website has basically consumed my morning. No matter how good your dog is - there's always something! Boomer is generally well behaved but we have to be careful not to leave food within his reach or leave garbage out. The worst thing I could shame him with would be "I got into the garbage and ate a Styrofoam meat package which prompted me to vomit uncontrollably, be raced to the vet, shit in the waiting room and then get a finger up my butt and make mom and dad PAY for it" Ya. That happened. What would you shame your dog with?

2. Upon returning from Chicago I'm basically obsessed with the city and want to go back ASAP - specifically for this event.

3. Next weekend is Labour Day and we are making our annual trek to the Buffalo Wing Festival. I've written about it before here. If you're in the area you should check it out next year. We'll have some company this year with RB's sister and her boyfriend joining us, too!

4. Last weekend I went to watch RB compete in the Tough Mudder course. Have you heard of it? It was nuts. I watched him and his team cross monkey bars, get shocked by live wires, run up a half-pipe, trudge up and down a mountain and get shocked again. But they had a great time and it made me want to do it next year!! See you there? (check out my pictures here).

5. It's the last week of Frisbee and it's a bit bittersweet - we've had such a great season but I need a few weeks off to recover from a litany of small injuries. Last summer we won all our games which was great but this summer I really feel like I've learned so much and have improved as a player. Our beginner team has also come so far - hopefully we can get many of them back next summer. We'll play indoor this fall, a bit different but still good. Do you play?

Tuesday's game - looked like this puppy was going to land on the field! The sun is looking more and more like Fall is upon us...

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  1. Typical... I LIVE in Buffalo and yet completely missed the fact that the Wing festival is happening next weekend. And guess what? I'll be out of town. It's my brother in-law's wedding that weekend.

    Hrmmm.... wings or family, wings or family... ;-)

    1. haha it happens every Labour Day at Coco-cola Field! It's a great time. Family wedding vs. wing fest... hmmm.... will there be wings at the wedding??