Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 19

You guys - I'm in Chicago!!

1. In anticipation of this trip I bookmarked every restaurant that has been mentioned in basically every city guide. I also downloaded the Flavortown app which will show us all the restaurants featured on Diner's Drive-ins and Dive's. I caught myself planning 'early dinner' and 'later dinner' for Saturday. What I'm saying is... there's going to be a lot of eating going on. Follow me on instagram to catch the food frenzie, I'm erica_rw.

2. ARE YOU WATCHING THE OLYMPICS? Seriously, are you?? I am basically obsessed. I spend my lunch break switching between the three different feeds and schedule my evenings based on what's being broadcast. I'm not sticking to one event or one country, I'll watch anything. The Men's Team Gymnastic finals were especially mind-blowing. Those guys are defying gravity.  Watching the Canadian athletes is obviously the highlight, though. Seeing them finish their race/routine/etc and then waving to their parents gets my eyes all sweaty like.

3. I've had really bad luck with shoe choices when it comes to travelling. I never seem to bring the right ones or choose the right ones for the day. Like getting stuck walking around NYC in knee-high rubber boots when not a single drop falls from the sky. This time, I thought I'd be smart. I'm going to throw fashion out the window and wear sneakers. Check out these babies!!

Electric Pink Nike Free Run

3. My friends continue to do this awesome thing where they keep getting puppies and bring them over to play. The fence around our back yard has basically paid for itself in puppy play time.

Totally pooped, after 2 hours
4. Bookmarks this week:
Enjoy your long weekend!!

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