Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things We Can All Agree On: A 'Magic Mike' Review

Two, please. 

I am literally 35 minutes out of the theatre after watching 'Magic Mike'. I thought of this list on the way home because thinking about anything else was not an option.

Hey, I'm not judging YOU for carrying around your hard copy of '50 Shades of Grey' now am I??

Without further ado -
Things we can all agree on after watching Magic Mike:

1. We're all going to be thinking about Channing Tatum next time we're getting it on - boys and girls alike. Man can DANCE!

2. Should we choose to download or otherwise own a copy of this movie we are all going to know at exactly which second his first solo act starts... and his second... and the moment Alex Pettyfer first takes his shirt off.

3. Don't do ecstasy. It'll fuck you up.

4. You can still be a stripper if you're over 30. Case in point: Joe Manganiello (and Matthew McConaughey but his character is a bit awkward though always shirtless so there's that...)

5. It's a good thing theatres are so dark so no one can see you blush.

6. It should have been offered in 3D.

7. Pick-up trucks.

8. Don't bring your boyfriend, he'll ruin it by mocking the smooth moves of the fine male 'dancers'.

Conclusion: go see it. It's hot. Just when there's too much talking happening they throw in a dance number. It's emotion and hot naked men. Every women's fantasy.



  1. Ashley4:02 PM

    I felt pretty much the same!!! Although I really don't like Matthew so he does nothing for me, or the old dude (I think he's a wrestler) but overall the dancing was awesome!!!
    Channing's first dance number will forever hold a special place in my heart hahaha

  2. haha I agree, Ashley but I think the old guy (Tarzan!) was necessary & hilarious... I wish they'd done more push-ups in their army routine ;)