Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 18

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, (almost) every Friday!

HEY, it's going to be beautiful this weekend! Get thee outdoors! How will you be enjoying the weather??

1. We went to the cottage last weekend - what a wonderful, relaxing time. Everyone should have a cottage in their life. Whether their own or a convenient friend or family member's beach abode. They are just the best.

2. For the past two weeks, RB and I have been a 1-car household. His trusty, old, ragged, giant, purple car finally bit the dust. He bought a new one but it wasn't immediately available. Hence the 1-car family. Wait - his car breaks down and so I have to go car-less? Something about that doesn't add up... either way - NEW CAR came this week!! WOO!

3. I seriously haven't cooked in two weeks. Does this weather do that to you, too? There's been a lot of sandwiches in these parts...

4. Oh god I saw Magic Mike. I seriously haven't stopped thinking about it. Read more here. Excuse me for a minute...

5. Ok, I'm back.

6. WE'RE GOING TO CHICAGO NEXT WEEKEND. Holy shit. Do you have any restaurant or site recommendations??

7. Bookmarks this week:

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like Meli Cafe for brunch.

    Next time, tack on an extra day to take the train up to Milwaukee! We're going to Madison for the weekend.

  2. We went here!! It was awesome - I had banana pecan waffles & RB had a ranchero skillet which was to-die-for.