Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 17

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, (almost) every Friday!

Is it insanely hot where you are?? I has been 100F/35C ++ all week... the dog lasts about ten minutes outside before pulling into the shade and parking his tush. Smart dog.

How was your long weekend?? Or your weird half-week if you're south of the border? I spent my day off cleaning the garage, don't be too jealous. Onto the list!

1. Going to the Farmer's Market. Have you been recently?? July, August, and September are basically PRIME months to go as everything is in season. There's a handy list here of what you can find each month. I know it can be inconvenient to make it to the market - it's only open 1-3 days/week and gets very busy midday - but I find that the freshness of the food, and supporting the local businesses makes it worth it for me. Maybe you'll join me one Thursday morning at 730? Fritters and coffee on me!

2. I completed THREE Life List items in June. All three were completely unintentional. Read about em' HERE.

2. My favourite snack all summer has been an Everything bagel (Montreal style) with cheddar cheese, cucumbers, and some kind of kielbasa. Or spinach. Or tomato. Really, anything on a bagel has been like crack these days. I'm single-handedly supporting the bagel stand at the market. Forgive me if you go and all the everything bagels are gone. and the turkey sausage. I'm a bagel hoarder. It's a tough life.

3. BUGS. This is the opposite of favourite but it has been consuming me all week. WHAT is WITH the FRIGGEN bugs?? Gawd. I know the answer is 'it's the summer, there are bugs everywhere'. NO, not good enough. I went to make this wonderful triple-berry cake only to open my container of raspberries to find a beetle. I am still traumatized. On the bright side, I went all-blueberry on that bitch and the results were wonderful!

Thank god for blueberries!

4. Caught The Avengers in theatres this past weekend - apparently it was the last weekend it was out! The theatre was still full! With good reason, too. This movie was awesome, loved all the effects, story, etc. Great summer blockbuster.

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