Thursday, July 05, 2012

All of the Accomplishments

I randomly re-read my Life List about once a month. Twice now, I have been reading and found things that I've accomplished without realizing it. I guess that means that the goals I've set are truly what I want to be doing as I finish them without trying!

June was apparently very productive and I completed THREE things on my list!!

#82: Go on a spontaneous, last minute, vacation.
This holds the least magnitude as it was the easiest to accomplish. That is very bizarre to write as the thought of going on a last minute trip makes me sweat (and not because it's 102F/39C). On June 11th I decided to go to Florida on June 13th. I booked my flight at 5pm on Monday and 48 hours later I was en route to the Buffalo airport. I'm not sure I'll ever get more last minute than that BUT I have to say it was very cool and I would be willing to try it again. It was a huge push out of my comfort zone and I survived, it feels great!

#67: Make a Kub set, teach my friends. 

I bet you're asking (unless you are Caitie Rosen and are reading this...) what the heck is a Kub set?

Kub (pronounced like koob) is a Swedish yard game. Described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Low physical exertion, drinking encouraged. Win-win. 

I first came across this yard game in the summer of 2002 (holy shit that was TEN years ago!!). It was the summer between grades 11 and 12 and I had the wonderful summer job of working for my parents at 'Cruise' Camp (Forestry Survey Camp). We (me, 10 surveyors, and one wonderful Quebecois cook) were on an island in Northern Manitoba, dropped off by a plane, with no contact to the outside world save for the $3/minute satellite phones. It was a smoke-free, dry camp. Needless to say we were pretty bored in our little free time. We played a lot of chess, card games, scrabble, and Kub. I'm not sure who's idea it was but someone this carton of blocks made it's way to camp. 

I'm not sure what prompted me to want a set of my own (ten years later). But we went out to the local hardware store and bought the necessary pieces for about $40 and made our own set. You can find your own instructions here. We have since taught many of our friends and even RB's family. It's become a staple at our place - doesn't hurt that I'm beating RB 5-2. 

And finally... carrying the heaviest weight, almost a whole year in the making...

#20: Read LOTR Trilogy

Jesus H. Christ. I am both relieved and saddened that I've finally finished all three books (though I learned quickly that it's not a trilogy at all and is in fact 6 'books'). I finished Fellowship in about three weeks, Two Towers took about three months and finally Return of the King took FIVE months. I had to break up TT and ROTK by reading other books because the descriptions of mountains at the respective end/beginning was putting me to sleep after half a page. With that said, I did really love the books. The stories are crazy and interesting and unpredictable (despite having seen the movies). I'm glad to have read them and I think I might take another stab in a few years!

Have you accomplished anything fun lately??

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