Monday, May 14, 2012

I Heart Cupcakes

Remember when I told you I had big news and then I didn't tell you? I'm sorry :(

How about I tell you now? K, deal.

I started a business. I'm selling cupcakes!!

My new business venture is called 'I Heart Cupcakes' and you can find me at and on twitter @cupcakeskw.

All the basic info is up for now, please contact me with any other questions.

It's been a ton of fun getting things ready to launch. RB and I have had endless conversations about marketing strategies, finances, business plan, and what the future could hold. It's a bit scary but I'm going forward with the fact that I'm young NOW, I have the energy NOW, and I'm going to keep making cupcakes anyway so why not see if I can expand my market past RB's workplace.

This weekend was my first weekend in business and it was pretty nuts. I started to tell people on Tuesday that I was doing this and by Thursday I had four orders! Turns out Mother's Day was the right weekend to start.

A very talented artist friend of mine (I feel so fancy saying I have artist friends) was also hosting a party this weekend and I offered to bring cupcakes as a quasi 'launch' for my biz. I spent all Friday evening and all day Saturday baking in order to fill the orders and get the promo cakes ready. I packed up 36 cupcakes - variety of Oreo, Red Velvet, and Lemon-blueberry. They all got eaten so I guess it went all right? I was a bit nervous, watching people eating and analysing the looks on their faces... generally looking like a creep. Hopefully I'll get used to that and relax a bit.

Oreo - lemon blueberry - red velvet

I have a second promo event on Wednesday that a friend invited me to speak at/pitch the cupcakes. It's going to be a room full of women which is giving me some confidence - what better crowd could I ask for??

With the promo event this week and the other orders I've gotten over the weekend I have four more orders this month! Now four doesn't sound like a lot but I'm just excited that it's greater than zero.

The most grandiose thank you to my supportive friends for your kind words and your business, too! You guys are making this worthwhile, thank you.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOmg. Dying. DYING right now! I am going to tell everyone I know in Toronto about your biz. ;)

  2. Very exciting! Good luck:)

  3. Mega good eatin' at MESA studios.. and the test kitchen. They're rich in goodness!!

  4. Perfect business for you! I remember your Grandma's baking so it's obvious you inherited her talent!