Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 15

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, (almost) every Friday!

1. Essie summer nail polish... and summer nail colours in general. I'm loving coral & green, both of which are everywhere these days.

2. Salted caramel. It's everywhere! It's sweet, it's savoury, it's everything I want to be. I bookmarked this recipe for salted caramel syrup... and then found this recipe for salted caramel icing... can you see the cupcake creations in my future??

3. And with more baking... marshmallows. I am determined to make them from scratch and rest them atop some crazy cookie or cupcake creation. Or just eat them. This week I bookmarked several marshmallow recipes. I seriously deserve a 'customer of the year' badge for my visits to Bulk Barn...

4. Last weekend RB and I made this wonderful yard game known as Kubb (pronounced koob). We had the blocks ready when his family came to visit and played it all afternoon. It was very simple to make and cost about $40 for all the pieces. We used these directions to build our set. It'll be perfect to bring to the beach with us, too!

5. Remember when this little puppy came into my life and become Boomer's best friend?

Look at the fuzzy downy face!

Well... she's all grown up!! But what a beautiful dog she has turned into! She's still a giant goof, though.

She is almost the best dog. Almost. 

Have a great weekend all! 

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