Monday, March 12, 2012

St Patrick's Day Baking Ideas

I really enjoyed writing this post for Valentine's Day so why not keep doing it!

I don't usually need an excuse to bake but I'm sometimes lost for ideas so an upcoming holiday is great for inspiration.

St Patrick's Day baking is basically a combo of green food colouring, mint flavour, and booze. What's not to love!

1. Guinness Cupcakes from My Baking Addiction. This is what I'll be making next week for RB to bring to work. I was happy that MBA had a recipe posted, love her stuff!

2. Pot o' Gold Popcorn from Bake at 350. It's popcorn, it's chocolate, it's shiny! What's not to love? Alternatively if you can't find gold chocolates, yellow Smarties (or M&Ms) would be cute, too!

4. GREEN Velvet Cake from Love from the Oven. These are awesome!!

5. Chocolate Mint Squares from Joy of Baking. Like Namaimo bars but with mint!

Are you baking anything fun for St Patrick's Day?

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