Thursday, March 08, 2012

Photo Highlights from NYC

My superhuman immune system that has kept me healthy since June 2010 (yes, I searched my gcal for that) has failed me. I'll spare you the details but know that my Kleenex eating dog is on cloud 9. Thank goodness it's Kleenex and not some other sickness related by-product. Ew, I just grossed myself out.

Let's relive happier, healthier times through some cheerful photos!

Upon arrival we begin our trek across the bridge.

And many hours and kilometres later we return, freezing, tired, and clearly on some kind of drugs given the day we've had.

Day 2 we went to the top of ESB - beautiful view looking north up the East River.

A quick drop in to see a game at MSG. Trying to justify hockey fights to someone just isn't worth it. They don't make sense. Ever. Also - added 2 teams to my Life List item #3!

Stumbled upon Crumbs bakery, would be a hard sell to convince me there are better cupcakes anywhere on this earth.

Walking home late at night meant empty streets and thus play time. Pro-tip: when taking a 'jump shot' bend your knees to make it look like you're jumping higher.

View from top of 30 Rock - perfect day to go up!

That's all folks, drafting a few posts on holiday baking ideas and tips for travelling with only carry-on... that is if I don't melodramatically pass away this afternoon. Don't cry for me, I don't have any extra Kleenex.

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