Tuesday, March 06, 2012

February Photo a Day Challenge - Day 22-29

I'm back from NYC!! I need to post these final #febphotoaday pics to satisfy me need for completion. NYC posts & pics to follow this week!!

Day 22 - Where you work. My home office! I keep it mega hot in here, probably not good for keeping me awake.

Day 23 - my shoes. I wear these puppies everyday, they are soft & warm. Made in my home town, The Pas.

Day 24 - Inside my bathroom cabinet. A strange one... and very personal! This is our impressive collection of medicine for all ailments. Note to self - baby proof this cabinet.

Day 25 - green. Had the girls in town for a party, Liz was
sporting a very cute sea-foam green colour.

Day 26 - night. Our frisbee game was at 11pm on Sunday night. BRUTAL. But we won :)

Day 27 - Something you ate. Spent Monday evening at the arena watching RB play hockey. I naturally indulged in the local fare of vending machine candy.

Day 28 - money. Rainy day change jar. Something that never would have existed when I was a student!

Day 29 - Something you're listening to. RB, teaching me motivation development.

That's it! NYC posts will be up very soon!

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