Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Crappy-ass Music Taste

You guys, I have a secret. A deep, dark, ugly secret.

I have terrible taste in music.

I am a shadow of my former music-loving 16 year old self.
16 year old Erica had a music collection. She loved 80's rock and grunge and her favourite band was The Clash. She carried her discman with her everywhere. She went to see the Rolling Stone's in Hamburg. Damn, she was cool.

I realized about a year ago that I hadn't listened to any new music in longer than I'd like to admit. I thought I should take action and find new artists, new stuff by my favourite artists, etc. Then I didn't...

Fast forward to last month. My music taste still SUCKS. It is awful. Whenever people come over I bless my mother for getting me an XM Radio subscription so no one thinks to suggest I put my iPod in the dock. *shudders*. There are many stations on XM that offer new music but I tend to stick to the 90s station (uh CELLO, because it's AWESOME). Where else can you hear original Britney, Counting Crows, and Snoop Dogg in the span of an hour?

But, the 90s station still isn't creating a new music library for me.

Last month I decided to work this shit out. I figured a good place to start was by asking "What were people loving last year?" I googled this and came back with Rolling Stone's Top 50 Albums of 2011. Reputable source, variety, let's do this. Starting last week I pulled up a youtube playlist of a different album from the list everyday.

Please don't roll your eyes dangerously to the back of your head when I tell you the only albums I have heard anything from are Lady Gaga, Adele, Beyonce. and Miranda Lambert. I had at least heard the name of most of the other bands... that counts, right?

*this is making feel especially vulnerable as I expect most of you are thinking "you haven't heard Wilco/Robbie Robertson/RADIOHEAD?????" To you I say... I was too busy doing other cool things like... listening to CBC talk radio.

Some of my impressions of my new music venture:
  1. Wilco "The Whole Love" - decent, would go back to this
  2. Robbie Robertson "How to become clairvoyant" - really enjoyed this
  3. Bon Iver "Bon Iver" - most interesting new music, gets a bit weird for me but good for late night brainstorming
  4. My Morning Jacket "Circuital" - great, it's pretty chill, will consider looking for more from them.
  5. Tune-yards "Whokill" - oh man so fun!
  6. Jay-z & Kanye West "Watch the Throne" - from this I realized I can really listen to and enjoy any type of music, I could listen to this album on repeat.

I think my music renovation & revolution will continue and I'm going to make an effort to listen to a new album or artist every week. Might even start a 'new music' feature a la Amber Show or attempt to listen to 1000 new songs a la Mighty Girl.

How do you expand your music taste? Do you make an effort to listen to new music or do you stick to what you like?


  1. Wow, so looks like I'm not the only one with "bad" 80's music taste. Every time I listen to something new I love to come back to my old favs which seem to be only loved by me. Great Rolling Stones Top 50 suggestion - think I may give it a try! Then at minimum I can avoid those awkward conversations like "Nicky Minaj... who is THAT?!". Not sure if she's even on the list, but am secretly very happy that the Beastie Boys are! Great post :)

  2. I've always been very lazy when it comes to cultivating my music library and usually rely on my musically savy friends to let me tag along to concerts and pass on new albums but with most of those friends either no longer in my 'circle' or temporarily out of the province I am left with the country music radio station (which is really pop) and my husband's choices (which is a variety of Metal and Punk...).

    I look forward to hearing what bands you add to your library so that I can steal them!

    I'm currently listening to Adele, Duffy and Jack Johnson when I give CBC radio a break during their radio drama hours. Although if it was Terry O'Reilly all the time I wouldn't care to turn CBC off...

  3. @Julia - LOVE the beastie boys haha, saw them in Toronto a few years back!

    @Carmen - so true about Terry O'Reilly, also The Debaters haha

  4. You know, guys, I think that "being in love" with 80's music is MUCH better, than knowing who Nicky Minaj is.. Music of 80's has a lot of sense and feelings in it, something that I can't say about music of the 21 century. (NOT all the music artists of course)