Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favouites ver. 11

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, every Friday!

This week has been all about the weather evolution - I think I've used every coat and paid of boots I own

1. Tretorn 'Skerry' Rubber Boots - I can't say enough about these. I have them in olive green and they are excellent for the over-salted-gross-slushy conditions of southern Ontario. No more salt stains or soaked feet. They are easy to slip on and since rubber boots are (sort of?) in fashion (weird but awesome?) I can wear them to the grocery store. I've seen these boots in stores for $85, I got mine online, on sale for $19 last year so watch for that. Try them on in store and then order online, better colour selection, too. I also bought the taller boots but they were tight on my calf so I gave them away. If boots not fitting your calves is a problem, go with the shorties.

This colour is called 'Lime Punch'

2. At this time next week I will be in NEW. YORK. CITY. WHOA!!! That is crazy!! RB and I have been making a list of everything we want to see. As it's our first time, we're planning on doing most of the more touristy stuff. If you have any suggestions please comment below!

3. MY FLOOR! Last weekend was crazy nutso... hence the lack of favourites - sorry! But the result is a new beautiful floor installed by RB and super-friend PK. They did an awesome job! I can't wait to see the tile go in. The new floor is part of an overall main floor reno. There are many more projects that are in the works, I'll be sure to post more results as they happen. Here's the before & after.

Before! Beige carpet.

After! Boomer is such a good model.

Another busy weekend ahead with more home renos, do you have any projects planned this spring?


  1. Ashley4:26 PM

    What happened to Boomer's foot?

  2. @ashley - it's actually an old 'before' picture, he had cut himself in backyard and I MacGyver'd a bandaid from paper towel, a sock, & duct tape.