Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Photo a Day Challenge - Day 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10

My photos from the week:

Day 6 - Dinner. RB has been working a lot lately so it's been just me for a few days. Cooking for myself is much different than cooking for both of us. Really, the difference is that I'm lazy if it's just me.

Day 7 - Buttons. Could have gone in many directions for this one. After a very successful trip to Bulk Barn I though my pink & red smarties were the most suitable.

Day 8 - Sun. A fun one. I keep it pretty dark at home during the day, only turning on lights when I'm in a room. This is the front door opening to flood the porch with bright sun. It looks like Boomer is streching for it but it was probably just the prospect of going for a walk that had him eager.

Day 9 - Front Door. Pretty simple, this is my front door. I made that wreath before Christmas and I don't want to take it down. Let's just call it decorative and not festive... (while still being festive)...

Day 10 - Self Portrait. A strange one. I was originally going to post a picture of me in the front entrance mirror all bundled up because... *shocker* it's snowing again but I know that I don't want to talk about the weather so I'm sure you don't either.

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