Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 8

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, every Friday!

What a busy week!! Many pictures today!

1. I did MUCH cooking this week. Including this chili, these cupcakes, this pasta, this corn bread, ice cream (recipe for manual), and vegetable soup and I'm making this pasta tonight.

The icing... ooo the icing...

I'm not going to tell you I chopped up Toblerone for the ice cream...

Ice Cream maker success!

2. WE BOOKED OUR FLIGHTS TO NYC. This trip is going to be SO FUN and includes visiting SO MANY fun people. 5 weeks, see you then :)

3. In my PT session on Tuesday, I told my trainer about a certain Life List item involving a certain left-side plank. I've already made progress, I can hold myself up on my left side for 35 seconds but still can't get my right leg up. Look out world, I'm going to plank the shit out of you.

4. RB and I helped my brother move last weekend. In going through some boxes, we came across a picture frame which showed the following:

Now why couldn't my hair stay that blond??

5. We went to Toronto a few weekends ago for my brother's girlfriend's birthday. She had a photobooth set up with a few props. The pictures are a riot but this one is certainly my favourite.

So much going on...

6. Last year we hosted a Super Bowl party of epic proportions. We had much food, much fun, and speakers in the bathroom so no one missed anything. We're planning round 2 for next weekend and I'm already looking up recipes to try out.

Do you have a suggestion for a Super Bowl snack?
What are the haps with your weekend?

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  1. re: ice cream

    get yourself the perfect scoop. that is one of the few cookbooks that i regularly use and practically every recipe i've made from it (except the roasted banana ice cream. which i am still unsure why i made because i don't love banana flavoured things) has been amazing.