Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday Favourites ver. 3

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, every Friday!

I have been obsessed with Christmas crafts lately.

I finished making my stockings, tutorial here, except for my own. Putting effort into something for myself is not a priority. I'll probably make it on December 23rd. Meh.

Onto some favourite things!

1. I'm almost finished all my Christmas cards! Last year I made all my cards and decided to go the same route this year. I get all my stuff through a friend who is a Stampin' Up demonstrator. Their products are awesome and everything matches which fulfills my OCD tendancies.

2. THIS CHRISTMAS WREATH!! I've been contemplated making a wreath like this but all the tutorials involve a lot of glue. This tutorial is brilliant and I will likely make it on Sunday. Pics to follow.

3. These paper crafts. Pretty sure I'll also make these on Sunday. Easy and totally cute.

4. My work Christmas Party is tomorrow and we are going to Langdon Hall. It is the most exquisite restaurant in the area. It was also named the best hotel in Canada and was ranked 77 on top 100 restaurants in the world in 2010. I think we'll have fun, it's always an awesome night.

5. And finally, the picture below. This pretty much embodies me and my two closest girlfriends. I'm pretty sure I'm going to frame the originals.

Do you have any Christmas or holiday crafts on the go?


  1. i am in full holiday craft mode right now! also designed/painted all my christmas cards myself this year (it was on the list of fun things i hoped to accomplish, and i did it!), but now i am mostly working on ornaments (and wrapping paper)

    i bought a whole bunch of those clear glass ones and am attempting to decorate them in different/interesting ways.

    that ornament wreath is awesome! we have no surplus of ornaments though.

  2. Holy crap when do you find the time to do all of this? I feel like I've been wasting my life... ;-) I love your xmas cards, they're lovely.

  3. lol @venus, I don't have kids, just a dog. I also have issues with sitting still so I tend to craft while the TV is on in the evenings and I'm crazy haha