Monday, November 07, 2011

Work/Life Balance

Today's prompt is "Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life"

RB & I don't have kids, we both have jobs, and we both have many interests outside of our relationship and our jobs.

As we're both young and want to move forward in our careers, work tends to take priority. Thankfully, our jobs aren't so demanding that we have to work late everyday and every weekend. When those times do come we are pretty understanding and let it slide. As long as it doesn't become too frequent...

This gives us free time. It's an amazing life being in a double-income-no-kids house. We have a lot of flexibility.

Most of the time, I make dinner and it's almost ready when RB gets home. He gets home a bit late but it doesn't bother me as I'm usually at the gym or cooking during this time. He helps me finish up and we sit together at the table. I'll confess that we usually have the TV on but it's largely repeats and we take this time to talk about our day, etc.

After dinner it's usually veg-out time. We have a few shows that we download and watch together. If we don't do this, RB will watch hockey and I'll do a craft at the kitchen table. I like this time because we're not doing something together but we are keeping each other company at the same time. This is a typical weeknight, we're together just about the whole time but it's pretty relaxed and we can wind down after a days work.

About once a week (usually weekend) we'll plan a date or an activity together. Whether it's dinner, going to a movie, or trying something new. I don't tend to cook for our dates because if I'm cooking it's more about the kitchen than about us being together. We usually leave the house. We don't tend to schedule it as a weekly occurrence but we certainly notice when it's been more than a week. We'll get a bit crabby with each other and one of us will say that we need a date. It's worked every time so far.

There are certainly things that we do apart but as we're always coming home to each other afterward there's always a chance to reconnect. That and he can do his Fantasy Football thing when I'm off doing something way more interesting.

There isn't really a balance that we set but we each get a feeling when we haven't spent time together in a while. We agree to plan something ASAP and that tides us over until we go on the date. Writing this made me feel like I'm pretty lucky and I've got it really good.

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