Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Showers

I've heard quite a few different opinions of wedding showers.

1. Cash grab
2. They are old fashioned
3. What's the point?

I've kind of felt each of these at one point. Being invited to a wedding shower and a wedding can be really expensive and a big time commitment. Being invited to a shower and not a wedding can make you feel left out.

This weekend I attended a wedding shower for a wedding that I am not invited to. I am totally ok with this. I realized that I was getting the long end of the stick. To attend a wedding is a big commitment, it's usually a whole day, you have to dress up, get a gift, meet and chat with people you don't know and find accommodations for the dog (if you're me, and you have a dog that looks like this. Yes, this is just an excuse to post a pic).

Don't get me wrong - weddings can be a ton of fun but it's rare to attend a wedding where there is a large group of people that you know. And they aren't always fun people.

Attending the wedding shower was like going through the drive-thru, which has a limited menu, but has special drive-thru only items. You follow?

The wedding shower is a much smaller time commitment, you actually get to chat with the bride, and RB doesn't have to go to another wedding where he doesn't know anyone. The bride informed me that the wedding was being kept very small. I was sad that I wouldn't get to share a part of her wedding with her. When my invitation for the shower came it was perfect and I'm glad I got to celebrate with her in a more convenient way.


  1. I've never heard of a shower before . . . are they the same as a bachelorette/bachelor party? I'm guessing not. We don't have showers in NZ. Sounds pretty random!

  2. haha, a bridal shower is basically an afternoon get-together, usually all women, hosted by an aunt or bridesmaid maybe, there's food, little games, and gifts for the bride. A good time to chat with the bride as she plans the wedding.

    See also: baby shower.

    Bachelor/bachelorette party is when your friends take you out, hire strippers, and get you really drunk. Basically. (That's what we do in Canada, anyway!)

  3. i feel almost the exact same way about weddings (and sometimes feel like i am in a total minority of people who LOVE love & weddings and all related things). so far all the ones we've had to go to have been weddings of friends/relatives of my partner, which makes it extra lame for me, since i often don't even know the bride or groom, let alone any of the other guests! (i totally bailed on a bachelorette last year and a shower this year because i just couldn't bring myself to attend. brides probably hate me)

    i hope my wedding doesn't cause this sort of grief for anyone when i start planning it. (my current idea includes a teeny tiny destination wedding/elopement followed by a big super casual farm/backyard/cottage bbq/potluck etc party for friends and all others that want to celebrate with us.)

  4. I was really glad you were able to make the shower... I totally agree with you though, wedding can be such a pain, at times I don't even want to go to my own :P. I guess I feel like it's almost a favour to people not getting invited to my wedding. Although if it was a bigger wedding you'd have been high on the list of people I'd torture by inviting :P