Monday, November 28, 2011

Teenage Dre-mail

I used to live in an apartment uptown. There were four apartments in the house and I was on the second floor. Two guys that I'd known for years lived on the main floor. It was a good deal. There was also a giant porch fit for playing flip-cup. Win-win.

There are so many things happening in this photo. From the album "2009.08.07 Flip Cup party" (I think that explains it).

As we were cheap students we shared a wireless network, which had it's home in my apartment.

One day, new tenants moved into the basement. Upon moving in, I suppose one of them noticed that there was a wireless network in the house and wanted to jump on that train. She noticed that one of the guys was sitting on the porch and approached him to discuss the sharing opportunity. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Girl: Hey, I just moved in downstairs and noticed there's a wireless network in the house. I was wondering if I could get in on that?

Guy: Hello new girl, you are correct! However, Erica is the keeper of the internet so you'll have to talk to her.

Girl: What great news! Could you please pass along my email address to her? I will write it down.

Guy: Sure thing.

{takes slip of paper, girl leaves}

Guy looks down at the paper and sees possibly the greatest email address of ALL. TIME.


Yep. Awesome.

I was reminded of this story because I just got a chat request from someone who's email involves the unnecessary placement of the letter X, the word 'cutie', and from an email server that no one I know uses. Sorry, XXcutieXXX, no chats for you.

Did you have a regrettable teenage email address?

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  1. Ashley2:24 PM

    Yup! I've have kuki59, which I picked out 150+ years ago and am now very attached to, but its kind of a pain in the ass to give out to people, and i'm sure they think i'm a weirdo:)