Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NaBloPoMo & Deal Breakers

Look out, world! Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo!

Yes, that means I'll be blogging EVERY DAY for a whole MONTH. Yipes.

I just wrote and deleted a good chunk of today's post for the prompt "What is your favourite part of writing?" Today my favourite part is that I can delete and start over. Just like this.

Instead I'm going to write about DEAL BREAKERS.

In my super fancy google search I found this definition: A factor or issue that, if unresolved during negotiations, would cause one party to withdraw from a deal.

The 'deal' being a relationship. I don't make business deals. I sit at home in my pajamas.

What are my deal breakers?

For a long time I've been saying it's 2 things.

1. Smokers
2. People who don't recycle

Thank goodness for RB he was easily influenced on the second item. That's acceptable.

This summer I added a 3rd item.

3. People who don't wear sun screen.

I am A HUGE believer in wearing sun screen. I essentially see it as a life line to my future. There are so many benefits to wearing sun screen and it's so simple to do. I don't need to convert you guys, you know that it's the smart thing to do. No need for preaching.

I recently added "Convert a roundabout hater into a roundabout lover" to my life list and now I think I'll add "Convert sun screen dummy into sun screen cheerleader".

What are your deal breakers?

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  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    This question seems to come up a lot and I can never come up with an answer. Although, the smoking one is probably a definite deal breaker. Aside from that hmm...

    I'll have to think about this! :)