Friday, November 04, 2011

Lord of the Rings

About a month ago I started reading The Lord of the Rings.

The fact that I waited so long is beyond me. For a long time the series was really intimidating. It's really long, and it has such a massive following. What if I don't like it? Will I be tarred and feathered? What if I don't understand any of it? Will I have to fake it?

"Ya.... that hobbit, he was so brave... with his friends..."

But you guys, my worries have been put to rest. When I started reading the first book I was instantly blown away. Not to mention that I read The Hobbit this summer and it was perfect.

You know when you're reading a really good book and you're kind of sad when you finish it because you wish there was more? I felt that way after I finished The Hobbit. The great part is that the LOTR series is just waiting for you to have a giant book-gasm. It's like discovering a loonie in your couch cushion and then reaching further and pulling out a hundred dollar bill. Like "SWEET!".... and "HOLY WTF AMAZEBALLS!".

Ya, awesome.

Anyway, another thing I've discovered is that I'm actually reading the book along the same timeline as it's written. In that the book starts in September and moves through October etc. Yes, that also means I'm reading it really slowly but it's not a race. In fact, I know that some of you haven't even read it ;)

*Interesting tid-bit: my mom actually bought me the LOTR series when I was in grade 10, for Christmas. I was in boarding school at the time and she asked if I would read the books right away. When I said no she asked if she could keep them at home to read and then send them to me when she was done. Sure thing, no big deal, we share books all the time.

Fast forward 10 YEARS LATER. I only got the books back THIS summer when I traded my mom for my Hunger Games series. Yes, I traded my own books for.... my own books. I guess that's family.

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  1. I completely relate to putting off reading LOTR. First it was because Alan talked about how great they were (I even made a bet with him in grade 10, that I'd read the first one if he read a romance novel...I lost the bet)

    Now Dan is a fan...I mean HUGE fan...who's read everything by Tolkien multiple times. Its a lot of pressure to commit to something you might not like when everyone says its awesome.

    If you can do it I guess I should try too...