Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Life List: Details on #1

Now that I've completed my list, it's time to started crossing things offs.

A few notes on progress:

#1 Visit all Canadian Provinces.

This item is 90% complete (literally, I've been to 9/10 provinces). Here are the facts:

Manitoba: Born and raised, baby. Spent 17.66 years here. Parents still here.

Me in my mom's garden in The Pas

Saskatchewan: Grew up 30km away from the border, attended conferences & wedding in Saskatoon, Regina, and went shopping in Prince Albert (REAL PLACE!) as a kid.

En Route from Manitoba to Saskatchewan... gravel roads to keep it classy.

Alberta: Went on family vacation here as a kid, band trip as a junior high student, spent past 7 Christmases in Banff, and spent 4 months living in Calgary on a co-op term in 2007.

Family Xmas trip - Sunshine Ski Resort, AKA Heaven

British Columbia: Took a while but... went on a ski trip to Whistler with a friend in 2007, visiting Vancouver while we were there. Weekend trip to Kelowna (HELLO BEAUTIFUL!) when I was on co-op in Calgary (2007). Thanksgiving weekend in Vancouver with a friend in 2008.

Kelowna, wine country and one of the most beautiful places I've ever been

Ontario: I probably came here for the first time when I was 2? Ask my mom, I probably threw up in her lap on the plane. My whole extended family lives here, pretty much spent every summer here as a teenager. Oh right, and I live here now. Woo.

Wine tour in Niagara - beautiful

Quebec: First time was probably in 1998 when I did an 'exchange' trip and went to school in a tiny little town (NO English!!) in the Gaspé in Grade 8. I have since returned to Montreal on several occasions.

I have no pictures of Quebec :( but it assure you it's beautiful!

Nova Scotia: First time was on a road trip in April 2008. Then again later that year for a conference in Halifax. Would love to go back, it was amazing.

Our drive on the Cabot Trail - UNBELIEVABLE. Beyond words.

P.E.I.: stopped in on previously mentioned road trip.

PEI beaches are beautiful

New Brunswick
:... same road trip.

The weather was brutal when we were there so the only pics I have are of the grey sky * bugs on my windshield. I'll spare you.

Which leaves.... Newfoundland & Labrador! I will be in you... someday...

Note: picking out these pics makes me 1. Realize once again how GORGEOUS this country is and 2. How lucky I am to have seen most of it. Yay Canada!

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  1. Newfoundland is beautiful! Reminds me of northern manitoba:)