Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Last Supper

Hello again!

Today, I DO like the prompt: If you knew your next meal would be your last, what would you eat?

I've read several articles online about inmates on death-row and their last meals. There's are artists even who have re-created the meals to be photographed and eaten. (Google 'last meal' and you'll see a ton of stuff on this) There seem to be several rules around the meal like the ingredients have to be readily available and it can't cost a fortune. You know, regular stuff. Though, now that I've written about death-row I'd like to hope that my last meal would not be because I'm in jail! Maybe the world is ending? Maybe I'm going on a hunger strike? Maybe humans no longer need to eat?

If there were no rules and I could have whatever I wanted, it would probably be:
1. Not something I cook (who wants to cook when the world is going to end?)
2. Probably something my Mom cooks (mom knows best)
3. It would have to be late summer so my mom's garden is ready.

That all sums up to: pretty much anything my mom cooks from August to late September. When I was growing up, our dinner plates would be 90% filled with items that my mom grew in the garden. Same could be said for just about every family in the neighbourhood.

Oh! And it would be largely cooked on the BBQ.

How depressing, though. To enjoy such a meal and then have it all end! Let's change the question to: if you could eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Same answer.

Thankfully, every year my mom grows a massive amount of carrots and likes to send them here or bring them with her when she visits so I still get a taste.

I wrote this post this morning and didn't publish it. Now my answer has changed! It's my blog and I'll do what I want!! I had the thought that if it was my last meal I would no longer care about calories etc and probably eat a whole loaf of cheese bread. With real butter. And Helleva-good dip.

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  1. i'm assuming this loaf of cheese bread would be eaten straight out of the bag?