Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happiest Day

I'm in major need of a prompt today. Yesterday's unused prompt is "What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far?"

When in doubt, make a list:
  • Sunday before Labour Day Monday, this year (September 2011). RB and I went to wing fest, went shopping and then went to the hotel for dinner. It was perfect weather, we started at wing-fest early so there weren't any lines. It was a great day. I was happiest because I was with RB, we were eating amazing chicken wings, people were friendly, and there was nothing to worry about.
  • My graduation day in 2009. I gave the valedictory address in front of my family and friends and the had a killer family BBQ in my brother's backyard. Afterward we played flip-cup on the deck and then headed uptown. It was perfection. I felt like I was on cloud 9 all day long. I was happiest because I was very proud and relieved to be finally finished my degree, my parents were in town, my whole family was around and that night at the bar involved lots of pirate speak and a hilarious pick-up attempt. Have I told you that story? I will look into it. Otherwise, it's coming up next week.

I've been doing a ton of crafting lately and I'm hoping to get some tutorials up. I have about 10 sewing projects on the go that I'm hoping to get done this weekend, we'll see!

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