Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Completed List

Today is easy - I finished my list last night.

Here she is in her entirety.

Thanks to RB & PK for helping me out xo

1. Spend time in all 10 Canadian provinces (layover in an airport doesn't count) (so far I'm at 9 haha does that make this goal too easy? nah)

2. Make macaroons with perfect feet

3. See every NHL team play (I'm at Detroit, Toronto, Carolina, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh)

4. Get 1000 hits on my blog IN. ONE. DAY.

5. Ottawa for Canada Day

6. achieve 'curb appeal'

7. Successfully plant, grow, and eat something (the miracle mint in my backyard doesn't count)

8. Be a vegan for 30 days

9. 'lay out' and catch a Frisbee point

10. Score a second goal in hockey

11. Get a penalty in hockey

12. visit Thailand

13. Host a 100 mile feast

14. Re-read all of my favourite fantasy series (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Material, The Hunger Games)

15. Do a 30-day challenge every month for a year

16. Successfully complete NaBloPoMo (I signed up to do it in November of this year!! ee!)

17. Go on that 3-week Southeast Asia trip I keep talking about with RB

18. Take a food tour in Europe

19. Attend TED (speak @ TED??)

20. Read LOTR trilogy (The Hobbit was KILLLLLEERRRR... and as of this month I started book 1))

21. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru

22. Host xmas dinner for my whole family

23. Do a downward dog and have my heels touch the floor

24. Make pierogies

25. Write a cookbook

26. Own a cottage

27. Rent a cottage in PEI, drive there with dog & stay for a week, no technology, only cookbooks

28. Send xmas cards to my family every year for as long as I am capable (going on 2 years now)

29. Go to San Francisco

30. Give only homemade gifts for Xmas one year

31. Be half-decent with a camera

32. left-side plank, arm & leg up!

33. PIE CRUST, make it, and make it GOOD

34. Mentor a high-school girl who is interested in engineering

35. skinny dip

36. have a conversation in sign language

37. attend Munich Oktoberfest

38. build something with my dad

39. Read all previously awarded Man Booker prize winners and continue to read each yearly winner

40. learn how to change a tire on my car (have my dad teach me?)

41. convert someone from a roundabout-hater to a roundabout-LOVER!

42. make my grandma's pickles (have mom teach me?)

43. train my dog to be well behaved off-leash (maybe not this dog... next one!)

44. take an improv class

45. Go back to Rome with RB and do all the fun things we did separately together

46. Do yoga every weekday morning for a month

47. Become a certified instructor of something (yoga, skating, dog training?)

48. Develop a more consistent health routine (exercise, vitamins, balanced diet, etc)

49. Deliver a motivational speech to a large crowd

50. Have a baby

51. Foster a service dog

52. Fill my house with art made by my friends (in process...)

53. Build my dream home with higher counters, party shower, and fire pit

54. Buy a bicycle and USE IT

55. Graduate to the 15 lbs weights, say goodbye to the 7.5 lb weights for good

56. Give Steve Yzerman a hug and promptly remove him from my freebie list

57. Cut my hair really short again

58. Watch The Notebook (No, I haven't EVER seen it)

59. See Bon Jovi in concert

60. See Michael Buble in concert

61. Take RB to see the Bengals play

62. Re-do my website

63. Put up a Christmas tree, train the dog not to eat presents.

64. Help raise 1 million dollars for charity

65. Build a piece of furniture

66. Participate in the WarAmps mentor program (signed up, waiting for call!)

67. Make a Kub set, teach my friends

68. Try anti-gravity yoga (the one with hammocks)

69. Take a self-defense class (Krav Maga??)

70. Have a jewellery collection to be proud of

71. Be a mom

72. Learn how to properly throw a baseball

73. Win the hockey playoff pool

74. "Make my boyfriend marry me" (his words while we were brainstorming)

75. Finish read 'The Joy of Cooking'

76. Live closer to my parents

77. Learn to drive stick

78. Teach someone to sew

79. Take up painting again

80. Own a house outright

81. Be an expert at something

82. Go on a spontaneous, last-minute vacation

83. Successfully play matchmaker

84. Swim a lap (cannot currently do more than tread water)

85. Be a 'first pick' on a sports team

86. Ride a mechanical bull like a boss

87. Teach an entire bar to line dance

88. Give out homemade treats for Halloween (to those that will accept them and not search for razors)

89. Start a book club

90. Participate in a cooking challenge/competition

91. Complete a 1-year photo challenge (photo every day)

92. Develop a reputation as an awesome gift giver

93. Donate back to my EngSoc

94. Write a memoir

95. Learn a really awesome song on piano & perform it

96. Go on a crazy girls-only weekend with Cro & Griz (others welcome)

97. Have a good relationship with mother-in-law

98. Learn to let go

99. Be proud of who I am and tell my story to other families


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  1. That's an awesome list, hey. I'd never heard of a 100 mile feast before - it sounds mad! :)