Thursday, November 17, 2011

Camp Mighty: The rest of the details

Today is another post for me instead of you. I'm going to continue my recap of Camp Mighty. Back to our regularly scheduled, unemotional, much shorter and reasonable posting tomorrow.

We left off at Saturday morning.

Again, up too early as I have no idea of what time zone I'm in. I decide to seek out coffee. To the diner!

BTW - there's a diner on site, it is totes adorbs.

I walk into the diner, book in hand, prepared to sit alone, read and drink coffee.

As I'm walking past a table, a friend from my group calls "Erica! over here!" so I turn around and she's at a booth with Eden and Alice. "Come join us!". Well, ok.

These two women made such an awesome impression (I've been reading their work for years). They were exactly how you'd want them to be. Smart, funny, and genuine. It was one of the smallest but best moments of the weekend. We chatted about NaBloPoMo, which Eden created. She also mentioned that she doesn't think she'll ever be able to quit participating each November. I'll let you know how I feel come the end of this month... We also chatted about pets. Which is probably my most favourite thing ever.

After breakfast was more speakers.

Speaker 4: Lisa Congdon. Lisa told us about restarting everything in her mid 30s and becoming an artist. About persevering and not giving up. She is mega talented and I'm purchasing one of her prints. One of the items on my life list is to fill my house with art made by my friends... does spending an hour with someone in a hot tub make them your friend? I think so.

Speaker 5: Kenna. Talk about HEART. BREAKER. This guy, he knows what women want. First, he startted by telling us it was his mom's bday and that he was going to call her so we could all sing for her. The phone call when something like this:

Kenna: Hi mom, Happy Birthday!
Mom: Oh thank you! Did you take you vitamins?
Kenna: Yes, I did mom
Mom: Did you go to church this week?
Kenna: Yes, I did mom
Mom: did you find a nice girl to marry? not yet, mom

Then we sang. Then he talked about Summit on the Summit, a trek in support of and to raise awareness of cleaner water around the world. He told us that you don't have to be Bono to attempt something so huge. Then he convinced Maggie to join....

Next up was the most intense, amazing, most emotional part of the weekend.

We had our team lunches. We were to go in a circle and every person was to choose 5 items from their list which they wanted to complete in the next year, one of which the group could help with.

There were tears, hugs, laughing, and so much positive energy. Every time someone asked for help, someone else would say "I can do (x) for you". It was awesome. We started the week strangers and now we are offering our homes, our networks, and our cantaloupes.

It cannot accurately be expressed on this blog how moving this session was. I have never felt so needed/wanted/and perfectly at home in such a large group (~25 ppl). I felt like I belonged.

That session made the whole weekend worth it.

Once that finish, we all needed to deflate a little. Thank goodness it was time for more casual 'skill acquisition' session. I chose to instead get in the hot tub. This was a good decision as it ended up being right next to the session for making champagne punch. At one point someone came out and said "We have 40 bottles of champagne that need to be consumed". Oh dear. WHAT are we going to do. #firstworldproblem

Eventually it was time to get ready for our final dinner. We dragged ourselves away from the hot tub and went to pretty ourselves up.

Side bar: Did I mention it rained all day on Saturday? It was kind of a bummer but it made me feel better about the lack of fun clothes that I brought.

Each group was sent to a separate restaurant for dinner. Our group got on the bus and headed to Lulu California Bistro. It was super swanky and we were treated like kings & queens by the staff.

It was nice 'group time' and I got to chat with a few people I hadn't yet. Specifically, Cecily. She is so nice, awesomely funny, and makes you feel so comfortable when talking to her. She is one stand-up woman, I approve.

After dinner everyone headed back to the hotel for more hang-out time and too many farewells.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour as I had a long day of travel ahead.

The next morning, I went to meet my travel buddy (traveling to Denver where I was connecting) and found her chatting in the diner. This was another awesome and too-short moment of the weekend. It was very relaxed and I once again felt at home with people I'd just met.

Unfortunately we had a plane to catch so we said our goodbyes and were on our way.

That ends my trip to Palm Springs for Camp Mighty.

It was unforgettable and I doubt this is the last you'll hear of it.

I made life-long friends. Friends that made me finally feel like I wasn't alone in my seemingly strange ambitions.

Good luck to every single one of you with your life lists. I can't wait to hear about them.

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  1. I don't know what you are talking about - this post is totally for me. Thank you for this thorough recap (with links!) I feel like I was right there with you.
    Oh, wait.
    Come visit and escape the snow (!!!) soon - xo