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Camp Mighty: ALL the details

Hokay. Here comes my entire Camp Mighty recap.

1. It's going to be VERY long
2. I'm going to use the words AWESOME and AMAZING excessively.
3. You're going to be jealous.

Proceed with caution.

Also, I'm trying to include a lot of detail while it's still fresh so I don't forget anything.

I attended Camp Mighty from Nov 10-14 in Palm Springs. A conference focused on setting goals, creating a life list, and making awesome new friends. I've talked about my life list here and here. I hope you understand the purpose of the list, it is crucial to what we did on this weekend.

Thursday, November 10th, at 4:50am I was on my way to Pearson. That is an UNGODLY hour and even more so given that I was heading for the west coast.

I had a pretty uneventful flight to Denver and then through to Palm Springs. I hopped in a cab and headed to the mega hipster chic Ace Hotel.

I arrived, got myself set up in my room (about 2pm) and then said to myself 'now what?'

Back story: All the attendees were set up in facebook groups about a month beforehand and so we had all chatted online before arrival. We were also told that our group (Group 4!) was the most active group and we were known as 'The Cool Group'. Yep, awesome.

So I'm sitting in my room thinking 'oh shit, now I have to go find these people'. I logged on to facebook and saw a note saying 'we're in the diner, come join if you've arrived!' and a 2nd person had posted that they were on their way. Ok, I can do this. So I sucked it up and headed to the diner.

I walked in and was immediately greeted by 3 awesome people. We chatted etc and then decided to move out to the patio. Our patio party grew and grew as people realized we were all there for the same event. I was a bit in awe of how many beautiful people there were and to see some famous bloggers in the flesh.

Eventually it was time to get ready for the Welcome Party.

This is the point when I realized I had packed ALL THE WRONG THINGS. Everyone was so stylish. Note for future self: pack more accessories & fancy shoes.

I head over to the Welcome Party, hosted in a banquet-hall type building that is on the Ace site. This party was sponsored by Ecco Domani which meant the wine was flowing. The glasses we had each had a little black box on them and we were to write 'How we give' in the box. I was completely, deliriously exhausted and a bit hesitant to have any wine for fear that I'd fall over or get a massive headache. (At this point I'd been awake for 21 hours, ugh). Eventually I sucked it up and grabbed a small glass. It was cute to see what everyone wrote on their glasses. I was struggling to think of what to write when one of the girls (met earlier that day) suggested "by getting people where they need to do". It was cute, I had just told her I work in transportation and she came up with that. These people are making a great impression.

While we're enjoying the wine, Maggie & Laura welcomed us and introduce the band, The Tontons. Hello. AMAZING. This band was beyond awesome live. We each got a copy of their CD in our gift bags. I will lend it to you, you need to hear it.

So we danced & drank the evening away but as I was so retardedly tired, I tapped out early.

Because of the 3 hour time change, I was up at 4am. Not awesome. Eventually I got up and got ready. I've learned that, when traveling alone, a book is your best friend. As long as I have a book I'm fine to be anywhere by myself. So, as I was awake 2 hours before breakfast I went to sit by the pool and read.

Side bar: One of the items on my Life List is to read the LOTR series. I finished book 1 on the plane to Palm Springs and was thankfully smart enough to bring the 2nd book.

Breakfast comes and goes. Apparently the people I met the day before are my BFFs as we all sit together and save seats etc. I am very much ok with this. They are all beautiful and awesome.

For our first session we are all together in a tent by the pool. Maggie welcomes us again and speakers begin.

Speaker 1: Brian Piotrowicz, producer of this little talk show called The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Brian was such a peach. He talked about intention and setting intention in everything that you do. It was an excellent start to the weekend as we found ourselves reflecting back to what he said for the rest of our time.Link He told us that when pitching a show for Oprah stating your intention is required. If the intention doesn't line up with the show's direction, it doesn't move forward. Having an intent to be sensationalistic, rude, malicious, or just plain mean doesn't fly.

Try this: Next time you embark on a project, set an intention. It's a good way to reflect back throughout the project to see if you're on the right track. Kind of like a mission statement or mantra.

Speaker 2: Evany Thomas (I believe she is a content manager at facebook...? sorry I can't remember exactly). She was HILL. AIR. EE. US. Hilarious. Her presentation was on "doing things you don't really want to do". She told us about how it's ok to say NO to things as it leaves room for you to say YES to other things. She also taught us our safe word for the weekend - Cantaloupe. You should look up her writing, you won't regret it.

Speaker 3: Buster Benson talked about habits and how we form them and how technology can help us. He's got a few awesome projects on the go including health month and 750 words. He also has an adorable son who wore a cape.

After the speakers came lunch. Did I mention the Ace has great food? Fact.

We had lunch at a long table under an awning by the pool, NBD. As the schedule after lunch was pretty chill, the group I was with sat and chatted for a bit. At this point we had a few of the aforementioned bloggers join us. It was very bizarre. They were all VERY nice. Specifically, Miss Maggie, is the type of person who makes you feel like you're her BFF within 5 minutes of talking to her. Such a treat. Then she told me I couldn't participate in the hand painting. That bitch. (jokes). It was these little group chats that made the weekend. One girl was telling us about working with Kevin Bacon - who I'm not only 2 degrees separated from. NBD.

After lunch we had the skills sessions. These were mini workshops where you could learn how to do one crazy thing or another. It was very relaxed and people took this opportunity to hit the pool or lounge in the giant hot tub. Oh, that hot tub...

There was also the aforementioned hand painting happening. McDonald's had set up a hand painting station and we were all to paint our hands with "What giving means to you". They had all sorts of crazy things like paint, markers, pipe cleaners, stickers, etc. We were all to tweet a picture of our hands with the #giveahand tag. If we got 100 tweets, McDonald's would donate $5000 to the Ronald McDonald House in Palm Springs. Um, yes please! They also chose a winner of the hand painting and had $5000 donated to their local RMHC. They also gave us awesome gift bags. Yay McDonald's!

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging by the pool, chatting and relaxing.

Then it was time to COSTUME UP!

The Friday event party was Space Themed. I dressed as Comet. The cleaning product. With a name tag that said "Property of: Halley". Get it??

Halley's Comet.

I though it was pretty funny.

The degree of awesomness that people put into their costumes was so great. Everyone brought a costume and people were so creative. There were many NASA space suits, a black hole, a space cowboy, space themed clothing, a meteor, aliens, etc. The effort put into the outfits is the most I've seen in a long time. Well played, ladies & gents.

So the Space Party included tang drink (with vodka) and a beer keg (which I seemed to be the only one using? ok by me), dancing under a giant Saturn, and much photography. Once the dancing died down we headed back to the lounge area where I ended up with a plush bull hat on my head. It was great. Then we went to the hot tub!

Then after much more tang & beer, I went to bed and slept LIKE. A. BOSS.

And so ends the first day. This post is ridiculously long so I'm going to finish it tomorrow. And maybe the next day, too.

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  1. Hi, you! You were one of my favorite people there. Slumber party in Waterloo. I'll bring the Internet.