Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best thing I ever ate

Whew! I almost missed my deadline! What a shame that would be to fail with 5 days left!

Thank goodness I had the mind to write something while on the train.

Have you seen the show on Food Network 'The best thing I ever ate'?. Its all about celebrity chefs talking about the best thing they ever ate from a specific category. For example 'cake' or 'salty'. I'm sitting on the train back to Pickering & here are a few things I can think of:

1. Beef: the steak @ Salvatore's Grand Hotel in Buffalo. It was like butter.

2. Dessert: vanilla bean creme brulee @ TBK in Waterloo. I pretty much always love creme brulee, this one is divine, though I'm always looking to trump it.

3. Pasta: the spaghetti bolognese from Giorgio's in Banff. I could swim in it & eat it everyday from the rest of my life. (Italian is my fav food FYI so pasta deserves it's own category)

4. Ethnic: whatever indian dish I ate @ that place in Mississauga w/ GF. It was perfectly prepared & tasted even better the next day. I also love Indian food and this place wasn't fancy, it was traditionally prepared, simple, and perfect.

What are some of the best things you've ever eaten?


  1. Chinese street food at that vendor outside the acrobatic show. Spicy eggy pancake wrapped around a crunchy thing with veggies inside. Hot and gooooood.

  2. Oh... Salvatore's must have seriously gone downhill since you ate there I'm sorry to say. I moved to Bflo 3 years ago, and finally made it to Salvatore's about a year ago. It was quite the experience! Mannequins in Christmas costumes... twinkly lights on the ceiling... but the food was downright bad. I was very disappointed. Then again, the restaurant is now being run by Salvatore's kids, and not Salvatore. He's moved on to a different restaurant - I hope to try it out and be blessed with the same experience you had!