Saturday, November 12, 2011

5 for next year

Saturday, I'm still in Palm Springs. This Camp Mighty thing is going so well & I know I've made the life long friends I dreamed about in yesterdays post.

On the schedule today we are each setting 5 goals that we want to accomplish in the next year. After much deliberation I think my 5 goals are:

1. successfully participate in NaBloPoMo (will hopefully finish end of this month)

2. read the LOTR series (I started the 2nd one this week!!!)

3. left side plank, right arm & leg up (I can do the other side but not the left, I'm getting there!)

4. take an improv class (there is a class in town & PK said he'd go with me!)

5. host a 100 mile feast (next summer, lets do it, you're invited)

1 comment:

  1. Great Stuff Erica! Nice work! - Improv is a great idea - and will definitely be fun - as for the 100 mile thing - I can help as much as you like (since being on the board of Foodlink & having a bunch of new farmer friends :) )

    Be great to see you soon! - Lets grab a coffee!