Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall & FEAR

Fall has arrived in KW. There's no question and there's no more hanging on to the last drops of summer. Let go and embrace FALL.

I like fall for a few reasons.
I like fall because it means a wardrobe change and I'm sick of wearing the same pair of shorts everyday. You know the ones - the only pair that that fit just right, look just right, and match everything? The ones that you went back to the store to buy another pair only to see that all the fall clothing that you were supposedly waiting for are in the place where you first found those coveted shorts.

Just me? It's ok, I'm used to being alone in my senility.

Fall is good for that. The wardrobe, and the senility.

You know what else fall is good for?



I'm sure there's a phrase somewhere that says something like "every time you curse a butterfly, God allows 800 more butterflies to hatch from their creepy cocoons" God loves me like that. More like love/hates me like that.

Butterflies. They make me cringe. Their little creepy legs and creepy paper-like, unnatural wings. Sure, they are really pretty. They would be even prettier if they were pretty over there... away from me. Bleh. I am cringing while writing this.

Don't even get me started on moths.

*To reference the title of this post, along with hating butterflies, I am also afraid of them. Writing that I hate them in all caps just makes me feel tough, you know in case I ever have to battle a butterfly army *shudders*

1 comment:

  1. butterflies are ok (i guess. their prettiness wins them big points), but everything else that has wings and flies around FREAKS ME OUT.
    the bigger/more substantial, the freakier the creature. that does not mean that i don't hate the teeny tiny fruit flies, i do (oh i do!), but i can kill them with a pretty easy smack. a big feathery beaky bird with scary claws are much less harmless.
    moths fall somewhere in between