Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old School

There's a bookcase in my office that has held the same books for 2 years now. I haven't really spent the time to think if I could get rid of any etc. Good thing because I noticed a small green book up there... my high school journal! Pretty much the 3 years I spent in boarding school... ya, this shit is real.

I've seen a few blogs that have had the guts to post old journal entries in their entirety, word-for-word. They are braver than I!

Damn, I was a smart mouth! What language! I can't stop cringing.... here are a few snippets but no full entries... yet...

Dec 14, 2002 6:56pm
"On January 30th, I'm going to see my most favourite band in the whole world, Our Lady Peace!!"

{Oh how much I had to learn...}

Dec 14, 2002 11:40pm
"I'm not very good at physics and I have an exam on Monday that is gonna make me shit my pants"

{Good thing I decided to study engineering...}

Dec 21, 2002 10:52am
"apparently my mom has gone on a cleaning spree and I'm supposed to be a part of it. I disagree. Sure lots of it is my stuff but it is Christmas VACATION! I asked her if she understood that concept and she said that she'd never had a vacation so no"

{holy ANGST, I called my mom and read that to her and we laughed. I guess that's part of parenting - allowing the success of your adult child to overshadow the angst you had to put up with when they were teenagers/shit-heads... or something...}

Have you ever re-read your old journals? I think it might take me a few years before I post full entries. I think it'll take me at least another 10 years before I get over how strange/odd/angry/weird I was/...still am?

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