Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The List

I registered for Camp Mighty back in June. I'm still nervous to go but I've already chatted with a few other attendees and it is getting VERY EXCITING. The weather in Waterloo is also cold, rainy, and smells of wet dog. The wet dog downstairs isn't helping the cause.

What's that - 39 days until Palm Springs? Woo!

A component of the conference is discussing your Life List. While I've definitely considered different things I'd like to do in my life I haven't compiled them into one place.

Note that this list is not to be confused with a 'Life Goal' list... which is an entirely different story. This is more of a bucket list.

Here are a few items I have been considering:
1. Spend time in all 10 Canadian provinces (layover in an airport doesn't count) (so far I'm at 9 haha does that make this goal too easy? nah)
2. Make macaroons with perfect feet
3. See every NHL team play (I'm at Detroit, Toronto, Carolina, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh)
4. Get 1000 hits on my blog IN. ONE. DAY. Haha I better start brain storming for intriguing topics... or keywords...BOOBS.
5. Ottawa for Canada Day
6. achieve 'curb appeal'
7. Successfully plant, grow, and eat something (the miracle mint in my backyard doesn't count)
8. Be a vegan for 30 days
9. 'lay out' and catch a frisbee point
10. Score a second goal in hockey
11. Get a penalty in hockey
12. visit Thailand
13. Host a 100 mile feast
14. Re-read all of my favourite fantasy series (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Material, The Hunger Games)
15. Do a 30-day challenge every month for a year
16. Successfully complete NaBloPoMo (I signed up to do it in November of this year!! ee!)
17. Go on that 3-week Southeast Asia trip I keep talking about with RB
18. Take a food tour in Europe
19. Attend TED (speak @ TED??)
20. Read LOTR trilogy (The Hobbit was KILLLLLEERRRR... and as of this week I started book 1))
21. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru
22. Host xmas dinner for my whole family
23. Do a downward dog and have my heels touch the floor
24. Make pierogies
25. Write a cookbook
26. Own a cottage
27. Rent a cottage in PEI, drive there with dog & stay for a week, no technology, only cookbooks
28. Send xmas cards to my family every year for as long as I am capable (going on 2 years now)
29. Go to San Francisco
30. Give only homemade gifts for Xmas one year
31. Be half-decent with a camera
32. left-side plank, arm & leg up!
33. PIE CRUST, make it, and make it GOOD
34. Mentor a high-school girl who is interested in engineering

That's all I've got for now, I'll add more items in new posts as NOVEMBER 10th gets closer. I'm trying to get to 100, erp!

Update Oct 19.11

35. skinny dip
36. have a conversation in sign language
37. attend Munich Oktoberfest
38. build something with my dad
39. Read all previously awarded Man Booker prize winners and continue to read each yearly winner

Update Oct 20.11

40. learn how to change a tire on my car (have my dad teach me?)
41. convert someone from a roundabout-hater to a roundabout-LOVER!
42. make my grandma's pickles (have mom teach me?)
43. train my dog to be well behaved off-leash (maybe not this dog... next one!)


  1. I love it! And Camp Mighty sounds very interesting, can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Do you have a time line on the 100 things to do? Or a minimum number of things accomplished each year?

    Good luck coming up with 100, I thought 30 was hard!

  2. My reader doesn't update when you just edit a post! I wouldn't have known that you added anything if you haded mentioned it. Boo Google Reader:(