Thursday, September 01, 2011

Emergency Room

I have never broken a bone and have never really done anything that has warranted a trip to the emergency room (that I can remember....)

I have, however, taken two of my friends to the ER on separate occaisions. One is a hilarious but painful story and the other is pretty standard.

Story #1
It's first year. I live in residence. My residence friend and I decide to go to a party in the apatrment complex across the street. It's a 'theme party' of sorts. The theme being the guys who are hosting have purchased a large inflatable pool and have filled it with a variety of slippery substances. This is a KY Wrestling Party.

I was actually on a date that night so I decided to keep it classy and NOT jump in. My friend however had a different idea. In she went, wrestled it out with another girl to the cat calls of the crowd. Yadda yadda yadda, it was a pretty good party. The end of the night came and my friend and I (not remotely sober) headed back to rez. End of Story.

Oh wait, there's that 'emergency room' part I forgot about!

So it's a couple hours after we got home and I'm completely asleep. BANG BANG BANG. Someone is hammering on my door. I try to ignore it (sorry, friend!) but eventually go answer and see my friend standing outside my door in tears telling me that she has had a killer ear ache for the past few hours. This is one tough cookie of a friend so to have her in tears and telling me she's in a lot of pain I'm going to take her seriously.

Thankfully I was sober and we hop into the car and head to the ER.

Upon arrival we have to explain to the triage nurse the situation.

And then we explain to another nurse the situation.

And then we explain to the Doctor the situation.

"She has a really intense ear ache... maybe there's dirt in it... maybe there's a combination of.... dishsoapvaselinewaterKYjellylubeotherslipperysubstance in there..."

Eventually my friend get's prescribed some pain killers and is given a tetanus shot. Home we go.

Story #2 is way less dramatic.

My friend hurt her ankle at a frisbee game and I drove her to the ER. Pretty standard and pretty awesome bruises. I obviously took pictures.

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