Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DENTAL CHAOS! Ok, not really.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I needed 3 fillings and I was getting them all in one go. "It'll be a quick visit, for sure" they told me. "In and out, not a problem!". I swear everyone who works in a dentists office is on some kind of upper . They are so darn cheerful! Rightfully so, I suppose. It's not like anyone LIKES going to the dentist (except my girl CR, holla!). So I guess it's good that they are so cheerful? Good work, dental team!

Anyway, I had a cleaning 2 weeks ago. The thing about a cleaning is that there isn't a lot of pressure to be perfectly still or to ruin anything. It's easy enough to have the hygienist take breaks frequently so you can do things like breath, swallow, cough, etc. You know, normal things. Teeth cleaning, no big deal, NBD.

The bad part about the cleaning, however, is when the dentist comes in and takes a look. Now, this is their job and this is really why you go. The dentist can say 1 of 2 things.

1. You're fine, see you in 6 months!
2. Something is wrong and we're going to have to put you in incredible discomfort to remediate it.

Pretty much #2 is the blanket statement for all dental work. None of it is enjoyable.

2 weeks ago, my dentist told me I needed 3 fillings. 2 on my top wisdom teeth and 1 right beside one of those teeth. Or, in plain English "we need to do work on 50% of the most awkward, hard to reach teeth in your mouth".


So I go in today, sit down on that big ol' chair, and immediately start sweating and jittering. This is where the sit-still-don't-move-don't-shut-your-mouth-DO-NOTHING-UNTIL-I-SAY-SO comes in. So dentist says this and what is the only thing you can think of?

Why is my saliva suddenly so think and slipping in my throat? Oh my god I am going to choke on it? Is this what it feels like to choke on your own spit? Ow, my lips are cracking, they have never cracked so much in my life! I wish I could lick my lips! I wish I could have a drink of water! WHY DOES NOBODY SEE THE PAIN I'M IN!!!!???

Pretty much impossible to clear your head.

It's like going to the lady-doctor and they start chatting with you. You can't just chat away that discomfort.

Over-share? Sorry boys

Anyway, I had my 3 fillings finished. It really wasn't so bad. I'm just a giant baby and I haven't had much dental work done so it all seems stressful to me.

I walked out much poorer and my whole left-side-face is numb.

My eye is leaking, my nose feels like it's running, and I think I might be drooling. In other words I look about normal.

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