Friday, June 24, 2011

Right-handed Kid Gloves

On a regular basis, Boomer and I pass a group of young kids playing across the street. These kids run up to Boomer and pet him and talk gibberish to me. A few months back, I guess I was wearing a t-shirt for the first time and the little boy was shocked by my arm and ran away. After that he never came up to pet Boomer.


Boomer and I walk up, kids run to pet, etc etc. The following conversation unfolds

Little girl: What happened to your hand?

Me: I was born like that, just like you were born with brown hair

Little girl: I think the doctor made a mistake

Little boy (who hasn't spoken to me in months): Why didn't the doctor cut off your leg too?


I don't exactly recall my response but it was something like "the doctor didn't cut off my arm, I was born that way" or something equally polite because that's exactly how I wanted to respond.


Eventually I walked away with Boomer but not before the little girl could yell "I hope your arm gets better!"

Me too kid, me too.

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  1. great story! The title of the post was perfectly fitting! :)