Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Toy

Oh hi, remember me?

To my credit I did write a post a few weeks ago and then blogger crashed and lost it. I like re-writing blog posts like I like stabbing my eyes with spoons. Sorry :(


It's rectangular, fits in my purse, and comes in high def.

Hm, I realize the answer could be a DVD. It's not. It's a playbook!

Note that I suffered some anxiety over writing this post. I'm a non-tech in a high-tech community. My comments seen very pedestrian and in this community you get laughed at for making such a faux-pas. In my favour, these devices are designed for 'pedestrians' to use so my comments are seemingly more valuable than those who got a device for free. Put that on your cake and eat it!! Or something...

It's so cute and small and I can take it everywhere! It has an e-reader app (Kobo) which is very exciting. I read a lot and have considered an e-reader but didn't want to make the investment for something that I would only use while traveling (which isn't as often as I'd like). So I like the idea that the e-reader part is just one piece of an otherwise cool device.

Another thing I like is the 'blackberry bridge' capabilities which essentially connects everything from my blackberry to my playbook. Email, task lists, apps, etc. It can also be used anywhere for web browsing provided my phone has service. Good thing my parents live in the land of dial-up... (yes, that still exists).

Anyway, it's pretty fun so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes when connected to the TV via the HDMI output and also traveling with it this weekend. How many eps of Weeds can I fit on it...

Some other interesting things:
- I got central air and it is THE BEST. No more face melting when drying hair, no more everything melting when trying to sleep!
- I have a new roof! That's really boring.
- I'm going to Winnipeg this weekend for a friends wedding and I'll get to see my mom
- I'm considering going vegetarian for a month, change up my cooking habits, probably lose my BF in the process :p
- THIS is fun stuff

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