Monday, March 21, 2011

Summer Vacation

First, yay spring!! I saw a bright red robin outside my window this morning and it looked so beautiful against the dull brown post-winter, pre-spring dullness. Awesome.

Second. this is my 300th post.

Third, with summer drawing nearer I've been thinking about all sorts of vacation plans. Here are a few ideas that I have:

1. Hardly a vacation plan but still a fun trip - going to Winnipeg for a friends wedding in June. This will be fun as my mom will probably come down and I'll get to visit with Carmen & Marcia, always good.

2. Vegas for a friends birthday. This is up in the air due to the timing... if it's decided that they want to go in July then I'm all for it but if it's any earlier I'm out. New roof, air conditioner & landscaping means that May-June are going to be mega broke months.

3. London to visit a friend. A close friend is working in London until October and it would be very awesome to go see him for a long weekend, maybe July 1st or Civic Holiday. That would require some budgeting but I think it would be worth it. (This idea is in 1st place)

4. New York City. I've never been. I want to go. Long weekend or make-shift long weekend.

5. Buffalo for Labour Day weekend. We did this last year and it was hella fun. The annual Buffalo Wing Fest happens every Labour Day weekend and pretty much you go and eat chicken wings all day. Amazing. I wrote a recap here with some link love & the awesome hotel we went to and budget details. Seriously though, you should come with us. It's a relatively cheap trip and tons of fun.

In all cases the variables include the number of vacation days I'll need to take and the cost of the trip. The reno projects we have planned for this spring are going to be a big hit to the ol' cash flow but hopefully we'll recover quickly.

Do you have summer plans already??


  1. OMG London!? You must go for longer than a long weekend!! It's so beautiful and there's so much to see!! Have fun :)

  2. Yahoo for visiting Winnipeg for my wedding!

    And we r going to NYC next week -thursday to Sunday....maybe you should drop everything and join us! How awesome would that be!