Monday, February 28, 2011


On Saturday I returned from vacation. I immediately remembered why I left! This place is so mucky and sloppy. I dislike Spring weather!

Back on track...

I was in Jamaica for the week and it was beautiful! We stayed at the Rui Ocho Rios, located 1.5 hours from the Montego Bay airport. The resort was beautiful and the staff were great. Everytime I used one of the public washrooms there was a cleaning lady nearby and the staff were very quick to pick-up drinks and dishes around the pool. Overall the service & cleanliness were top notch. We had a room in the deluxe building with (no joke) the BEST view. I took this picture standing on our balcony.

The entertainment staff were also great and very energetic. The evening stage shows were very elaborate and impressive. There was a Lion King-esque show on the last night which had great dancing and was really amazing for a resort show. There was also a steel drum band on one of the nights which was CRAZY - they played Coldplay and a few other Top 40 hits. It was very cool.

The food at the resort was good. There was a feature every night at the buffet and those tended to be very tasty. We went to 3 of the feature restaurants and they weren't as impressive. The food was good and the options were creative but there weren'tt many options that I enjoyed. I preferred the buffet.

The vacation was great overall, we slept a lot, I read almost 4 books and we even managed to do some early morning yoga on the beach. I would definitely recommend this resort. The downside is the AWFUL experience at the Montego Bay airport.

No I return to daily life with slush covered sidewalks and drinks that I have to pay for....

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  1. Think I'm a little jealous. Looks like you had fun though. :)