Saturday, September 25, 2010

Steel Rail Sessions

My goodness. What an incredibly creative, interesting, and beautiful evening I had last night.

Last night was the 'Steel Rail Sessions' hosted and created by Hilary from RQ. The completely unique event included an interactive train ride from Waterloo to St. Jacobs, a concert/hang out in St Jacobs, train ride back to Waterloo and then like any good party, an after party.

The train was set up with different artistic exhibits in each car. From Jen Gough's MESA car to the live nude model sketching car hosted by KWAG to the wall of community ideas on post-it notes. We were surrounded by art the whole time. The stop in St Jacobs included the work of Aaron Bartley (WANT. EVERYTHING.) and a concert by Vacuity. Oh did I mention we were in the train workshop where they are restoring two locomotives? Ya, COOL. The train ride back was another opportunity to check out the rest of the train and of course have a sing-a-long.

Did I mention there was food and booze on the train? Courtesy of Nick & Nat's Uptown 21

We arrived back in Waterloo and the train station was buzzing with... ZOMBIES. Thankfully no brains were eaten and they turned to cutting a rug in the gallery instead.

The after party was hosted at the Clay & Glass Gallery. What a beautiful space! More drinks, more food, more chatting and more daydreaming of new art I want in my house.

At the gallery I overheard someone comment that this event could only be so fun and successful in a town like Kitchener-Waterloo. If it were hosted in Toronto it would have been $100 a ticket (rather than the very reasonable $15), it would have been on a GO train, and we would have gone to Oakville. No thanks. I'll stick to #kwawesome

I am so thrilled to have attended this event with so many interesting people, not to mention 90% of my friends. I think everyone agrees that it was a huge success and a million kudos out to Hilary for all of her efforts.

Check out Amy's blog for more comments & praise!

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  1. I agree - this amazing event is unique to an amazing place like KW (& St Jacobs).

    Hilary & co did a great job with everything.

    The combination of art, people, *delish* food and music made for a memorable night