Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Labour Day Weekend


I hate to bore you guys with uninteresting updates of what my weekends have included ... BUT.... BUT .... THIS weekend deserves a post.

If you were to make a list of activities that you would love to do for an entire day, what would be on it? Perhaps getting a full-day massage? Lying on the beach?.... EATING CHICKEN WINGS?

Well friends, I had the absolute pleasure of accomplishing that last one. Myself and the boy packed up my car and headed to Buffalo for the annual Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival. What a time we had.

Sidebar: I got a flat tire as I pulled out of my driveway before we left. What the heck kind of luck is that? Did I ever tell you my car also broke down the Friday of thanksgiving weekend once also? I'm not going to jinx my bad luck and suggest other holiday travel mishaps that may occur... may my stars realign themselves ASAP!!

Back to Buffalo. We get to the stadium, we park, we go in. We have no idea what to expect. We had after all heard about the event from a friend and decided to attend strictly based on that recommendation. How bad could it be? The way it works is you buy food tickets and then dispense your food tickets at the booths for wings. 90% of the booths just feature trays of chicken wings. You walk up, hand over your tickets, eat your wings. Rob, in all his spicy food glory, had to throw out one of his wings as he had merely tried the sauce on the tip of his fingers and his eyes began to water. We quickly fixed that by buying a beer. Needless to say it was a super fun, albeit dorky event to attend. We got to the festival at 1:30pm and left around 3:00pm and the stadium was filling up so this was a good move on our part.

Not only did my friend recommend the Wing Fest but he also recommended we stay at a particular hotel for the Sunday night special. Conveniently, he and 20 of his friends had decided to do the same!

The hotel is Salvatore's Grand Hotel and it is on the west Side of Buffalo, just past the airport. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere surrounded by big-box shopping. The Sunday night special is $150 and this includes dinner, breakfast, and a *king jacuzzi suite*. We arrived and got to our room to find a bathtub the size of my bedroom and a shower the size of my kitchen. All of the couples from the group had rooms along the same hallway and my friend Dan had a room with a large sitting area. We congregated and enjoy a few cheap drinks. It is USA after all! We all headed down to dinner together to our private dining room. The menu was amazing with choices of lamb, 2 kinds of steak, chicken and pasta. Everything was perfect. Rob would agree that his steak was the best he's ever had and it melted in his mouth. After dinner we all headed back to our rooms for some jacuzzi time and then met up for buffet breakfast in the morning.

Both the festival and the restaurant/hotel experience are worth every penny we spent. The wing fest worked out to about $35 US for parking, entry, wings and beer for 2. The hotel worked out to $180 with dinner gratuity and drinks. The hotel has the Sunday night special all year but if you're interested on going for a long weekend make sure to book ahead of time!

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