Monday, April 12, 2010

You have been warned...

... this blog is going to get a bit hockey crazy over the next weeks (months?) as the NHL playoffs start.

As a Detroit Red Wings fan I will be primarily cheering for them... my secondary team is Chicago (long-time rivalry aside, they had a great season last year and are in great shape this year... and I love Johnny Toews). Beyond that I will have to choose as the games unfold.

For the first round I have made a friendly bet for the following:
Washington (4) vs. Montreal (1)
New Jersey (4) vs. Philadelphia (1)
Buffalo (2) vs. Boston (4)
Pittsburgh (4) vs. Ottawa (0)
San Jose (4) vs. Colorado (2)
Chicago (4) vs. Nashville (1)
Vancouver (2) vs. Los Angeles (4)
Phoenix (3) vs. Detroit (4)

Installment #2 of my 'No one Cares what I had for Lunch' endeavour to follow soon...

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