Monday, April 19, 2010

#3 Give us something

"Tell your readers about what presents you'll remember forever"

I think I've mentioned it before but the most unique, heart-felt gift I've ever gotten was a baking box from my friend Liz. We were living together and baking together often. Our baking stuff was in a cardboard box which was a pain to drag in and out of the cupboard. For my birthday, Liz got a wooden drawer which had two handles on it, decoupaged the shit out of it with magazine pictures of cakes and other baked goods, a convenient new place for me to keep my baking stuff. The kicker, Liz put a strap on one of the handles so that I could carry it comfortably and level using my little arm. This girl is seriously brilliant and a seriously awesome friend.

Just before I left for Christmas holidays after my first term in school my brother offered to take me for lunch after my last exam. No biggie, pretty standard occurrence. On the way to the restaurant my brother made a wrong turn into the dealership, drove to the back parking lot and said something to the effect of "notice anything strange?". There in the parking lot was my new car sporting beautiful Manitoba license plates.

Stay tuned for installment #4 of "No one cares what I had for lunch": Exploit the youth!

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